I love to craft. There’s nothing more I like to do than to take an idea and push it to its visual limit. My industry credentials include Head of Art at Clemenger BBDO for over four years. Prior to joining Clemenger I worked at a retouching and design studio servicing numerous advertising agencies and before that I was Colenso Wellington’s retoucher.

I’m exceptionally lucky to have always worked in an industry I’m passionate about. Many years (I’m too scared to count) spent in the industry on a diverse range of campaigns and design projects have enabled me to build a unique set of skills in animation, illustration, design and retouching.

In 2008 I started my own company and since then I’ve worked with a heady mix of design companies and advertising agencies in Auckland, Wellington and Sydney. Some of the commercial clients I’ve worked with recently include NZ Post, Virgin Mobile (Australia), Whittaker’s, Toyota (Australia), Ubank (Australia) and Icebreaker.

I’ve developed a variety of visual styles and techniques over the years, but I’m always keen to explore and perfect new ones - I relish a creative challenge.

I’m genuinely interested in (read completely distracted by) all things design and craft, much to the annoyance of my partner and three young children.

Thanks for your interest in my work, if you’d like a chat about a project
give me a call on +64 21 270 3398 or email me at geoff@geofffrancis.com